Forever fingerprints

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By Sherrie Eldridge

For adopted children, learning about their beginnings and how they understand what that means to them is a process. It doesn't happen at one point in time, but rather throughout the experiences of life. In this heartwarming childrens' book, Forever Fingerprints uses a common occurrence relatives pregnancy as a springboard for discussions on birthparents, where adopted children are before they are born, and how that makes one little girl feel about it. Lucie is excited to feel a baby moving in her Aunt Graces tummy but it makes her think of how she understands her adoption story in a different way. The tools offered in this book help her to create a unique connection to her birthparents, allow how she is feeling to surface and to be discussed, and give Lucies parents the chance to reinforce their love for her, to empathize with her feelings and to honour her past.