How Little Coyote Stayed Strong in Secret: A Story about Building Resilience after Being Treated Badly

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By Anne Westcott

In the deep dark forest, a little coyote is growing up in a tough gang of bigger, stronger coyotes. The others are horrible to him because he is the smallest, and they call him "Wimpy" so often that he has forgotten his real name. Will the poor little coyote ever remember who he truly is?

This comforting picture book encourages children to rebuild their self-esteem and sense of identity after being treated badly. Describing the little coyote's emotions in vivid sensory detail, it communicates that our hopes and dreams can help us move past bad experiences and find happiness. The story is illustrated with endearing cartoons, and followed by a friendly guide for adults on how to help children facing similar issues. Ideal for use with children aged 4-10.