Josh and Jaz have three mums

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By Hedi Argent

Josh and Jaz are 5-year-old twins. Their adoptive family consists of Mummy Sue and Mummy Fran and their dog Bumps. When their teacher announces that the children are to make family trees the next day, the twins are upset. Will they be laughed at because they have two mums? The mums are very understanding, and after a good tea, they all set about helping make a family tree. And this tree must include not only their mothers but their birth mother and father (who could not look after the children because of drug problems) and lots of relatives on both sides. The children are soon happily involved making their tree, and in school the next day, both teacher and pupils are mightily impressed with their efforts. 

This is a quality paperback production from the BAAF with lots of details about adoption: the twins have life story books with photos of their birth family and they know all about having been born prematurely. The illustrations are warm and understanding, and this should make an excellent source of information for either adopted children or children with parents of the same sex.