No matter what


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By Debi Gliori

The key message behind this simple and beautiful book for small children is that the love a parent feels for a child is constant and never dies, no matter what happens. The two characters, a parent (Large) and a child (Small) are not identified as male or female. Small is 'grim and grumpy' and says 'nobody loves me at all'. Large provides reassurance that Small will always be loved, grumpy or not. Small asks many 'what if..?' questions: "If I turned into a bug, or a bear, or a crocodile, would you still love me?" Large explains comfortingly that their love will never go away, no matter what. The author addresses the difficult issue of what happens to love when a parent dies. Large shows Small the night sky and explains that some of the stars died a long time ago, but they continue to glow and shine brightly. The book ends with the words 'Still they shine in the evening skies, love, like starlight, never dies'.